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After Making a Reservation, What to Do Next

  • Check Your Information

    After making a reservation, you can check the reservation details, including the location you selected, the number of days you rented the car for, and the dates you will be renting the car, in the reservation confirmation email you received. If there is any mistake, contact us immediately.

  • Bring Your Documents

    When coming to pick up the car, make sure to bring your ID, the credit card issued in your name, and any other requested documents with you.

  • Check the Insurance Status

    Check the insurance status of the car you rented. Get information about insurance coverage, policy number, and coverage.

  • Read the Rental Terms

    Read the rental agreement carefully and understand the terms. Review important information such as the rental period, fees, insurance conditions, fuel policy, and penalty clauses.

  • Inspect the Vehicle Upon Pickup

    Carefully inspect the current condition of the car you came to rent. If there is any damage or deficiency, inform our rental agent and take photos if necessary.


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Choose the Right Car for Your Travel

Choosing the right vehicle for your trip ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Selecting a suitable vehicle for both your comfort and travel experience can make your journey more pleasant